pre-shoot prep

The following guidelines are provided to showcase the property at its best. Most can be accomplished by walking the property 15-30 before the appointment, but any yard work, light bulb replacement, pool maintenance should be planned and scheduled a few days prior to make sure all is ready for the day of the shoot. 


  • No cars in front of home or in the driveway
  • Close all windows
  • Sweep walkways & patios
  • Wipe down any surfaces that show dirt
  • Ensure yard is tidy and free of debris
  • Store any toys, children's items, unorganized pool items
  • Store seasonal décor
  • Stow garden tools, supplies, hoses
  • Open patio umbrellas
  • Uncover grill
  • Straighten and arrange deck furniture
  • Have pool/spa cleaned day prior to appointment
  • Store pool equipment (hoses, vacuum, etc)
  • Activate any water features
  • Twilight shoots - check that all exterior lights are in working order
  • Twilight shoots - Know location of landscape switch and/or override panel
  • Twilight shoots - Turn on all outdoor lights including patios, yard, etc.
  • Twilight shoots - Light fire pits


  • De-personalize as possible while de-cluttering
  • Counters free of food, appliances, toiletries etc
  • Remove remote controls, refrigerator magnets, etc.
  • Make/straighten all beds
  • Fluff pillows on all sofas & beds
  • Push in/straighten all chairs/stools
  • Empty open waste baskets/garbage cans
  • Clean windows, mirrors, glass tops
  • Light fireplaces
  • Turn on all interior lights
  • Replace any burned out or missing bulbs
  • Turn off ceiling fans, TVs or objects with movement
  • Open all curtains/blinds
  • Organize/straighten any open shelves/surfaces
  • Remove pet items that can be removed
  • Vacuum and sweep all floors
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